Not Staying on Top of Regular Aquarium Water Changes

The mistake of not doing regular water changes may be a little tricky to overcome once your tank water has declined. Fish require clean, healthy water to thrive.

 To prevent losing your fish, water changes should be done regularly.

What Happens If Water Changes Are Not Done?

AMMONIA is produced by fish waste, plant decay, fish food, algae, and bacteria.

  • Ammonia is highly toxic to fish.
  • Ammonia burns the gills of a fish.

AMMONIA is converted into NITRITES by nitrifying bacteria in the fish tank.

  • Ammonia burns the gills of a fish.Nitrites are highly toxic to fish.
  • Nitrite poisoning cause fish to suffocate by rendering their blood unable to carry oxygen.

NITRITES are converted into NITRATES by beneficial bacteria in the fish tank.

  • Rising levels of Nitrates cause Nitrate Shock in fish causing death.

Why Are Regular Water Changes Important?

Regular water changes should be a part of tank maintenance. Filter systems are limited in removing the dangerous levels of ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates. Doing regular water changes helps to remove the residual ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates.

Water changes reduce the risk of fish being exposed to ammonia poisoning, nitrite poisoning, and nitrate shock.

What Are The Benefits Of Regular Water Changes?

Aside from the fact that regular water changes keep your fish alive, it also has important benefits that promote a healthy tank.

  • Keeps harmful nitrogen compounds from reaching dangerous levels.
  • Removes decaying uneaten food and waste. These things release chemicals that lead to deteriorating water quality.
  • Removes odor present in the tank.
  • Removes any discoloration in the murky water and makes the water clear.
  • Keeps your fish healthy and happy.


When it comes to the health of your fish and the quality of your tank water, you can’t cut corners or skimp on time. Losing track of regular tank maintenance can be avoided by leaving a reminder on your calendar, phone, or on the bathroom mirror.

Consistency in doing water changes should be a priority. Once you get into a routine with your tank maintenance, you will find that you no longer need reminding.

Remember that your fish are dependent upon you doing what needs to be done to maintain their tank.

How To Avoid This Mistake

  • Make water changes a weekly part of tank maintenance.
  • Leave yourself a reminder so you don’t forget.
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