Best Tank Mates for Molly Fish

It can be hard to choose the right tankmates for our finned friends.

molly fish tank mates

How do you know what kind of fish are compatible?

Not every type of fish will be compatible tankmates due to clashing aggression levels, swimming capabilities, fragility, and various other factors.

 Below is a list of potential compatible tank mates for the Molly Fish.

Livebearer tankmates for Molly Fish

Livebearer fish are described as being “carp-like” American fish.

They are named for their unique ability to give birth to live offspring, rather than eggs.

Fish in this group are compatible with the Molly Fish because they are all capable of giving birth to live offspring and they all contain similar aggression levels.



Guppies are a very popular pet fish option. They are a unique fish breed as the males are typically smaller than the females.

 The males are also brightly colored and truly brighten up the tank.

Their small size and their agility make them a perfect match for Molly Fish as they will be able to compete for food and participate in a fight equally should one occur.


red platy

Platy Fish are another great tankmate for Molly Fish. They are typically small in size and fast swimmers making them equal competition.

Male Platy Fish has a pointed caudal fin. Their anal fin is described as “stick-shaped” and is used for reproductive purposes.

 Female Platy Fish have a fan-shaped anal fin. These fish have been known to produce up to 50 babies at a time and can do so about once a month.

 You may also notice these fish consuming their fry fish (which is not unusual for the breed).


swordtail neon green fish

Swordtails are a close relative of the Platy Fish.

 In fact, the two are so closely related that they are capable of crossbreeding. Swordtails are a narrow fish that are also equal competitors of Molly Fish during feeding time.

 Male Swordtail Fish may grow up to 5.5 inches long, and the females may grow up to 6.3 inches long. Their potential size should be taken into consideration before purchase.


endlers fish

Endlers are a small fish breed that is often crossbred with Guppies. When these fish are bred together, the offspring are then renamed Endler’s Guppies.

 Male Endler Fish come in a variety of colors that brighten the tank. Females are typically a plain, less intense color such as silver.

They are yet another quality tankmates for Molly Fish due to their size and similar aggression level.

Other Mollies

spotted molly

If you are unsure about introducing another fish breed to your Molly Fish, then you can always add other Molly Fish to your tank.

However, you should be sure to avoid overcrowding the tank as this could cause any number of health problems.

Hardy tankmates for Molly Fish

Fish tend to either be labeled as “hardy” or “delicate.”

Molly Fish are typically a very competitive and robust fish which means that their tankmates should also be sturdy and competitive.

If you were to place a delicate fish breed in a tank with Mollies, you would surely find your delicate fish ill, injured, or dead.


diano rainbow fish

These little fish are easy to pick out of a crowd as they have telltale horizontal stripes, rows of spots, or a vertical bar pattern on their scales.

also have two pairs of barbels. Danio Fish are a hardy fish breed that would be able to participate in a fight with Mollies, should one occur.


neon tetra fish

Tetra Fish are another small fish breed that is considered hardy and agile.

They are a favorite pet fish breed as they are easy to find and easy to care for in captivity.

Bottom feeder tankmates for Molly Fish

Bottom feeders typically make perfect tankmates for Molly Fish because they keep to themselves.

 Their main concern is finding a snack on the bottom of the tank.

They are in no way attempting to compete for food or pick a fight with Mollies and Mollies tend to stay away from them as a result.


snail shell

Snails are almost always a great addition to any freshwater aquarium.

 They mind their own business and consume the leftover food, algae, and other waste that has collected on the bottom of the tank.

Snails have been described as adding personality to the aquarium, and they are also safe from potential Molly harm due to their built-in shell home.


Shrimp are other bottom feeders that will typically not get in the way of the Molly Fish. They are also a fun additive to the aquarium ecosystem.

Other potential tankmates for Molly Fish

Gourami Fish

Gourami Fish can come in a variety of different species, and each one has a slightly different aggression level.

blue gourami fish

 It is important that you research each kind of Gourami Fish and choose the species that best first the aggression level of your particular Molly Fish.

Their size should also be taken into consideration before purchase.

Gourami Fish can grow up to 6 inches in length which may be overwhelming depending on your current tank size.



A minnow is typically any small freshwater or saltwater bait fish. There is a long list of different minnow types.

 However, they are all small, agile and generally hardy fish for their size. They may do very well in a Molly Fish tank.

Female Bettas

white female betta

Most fish hobbyists have heard that they should always keep a Betta Fish separated from other fish due to their high aggression levels.

However, the females tend to be much calmer and may be the perfect tankmate for Molly Fish.

 It is also said that female Betta Fish should live in groups as they could otherwise become lonely and fall victim to depression.

In Conclusion

Having a Molly Fish tank can make for a great hobby for the whole family.

Your Molly Fish may become bored, and possibly lonely if they do not have tankmates to keep them company.

The many potential tankmates listed above are typically the best options for a Molly Fish aquarium.

However, you should choose the tankmate that best matches your Mollies personalities, aggression levels, and swimming abilities.

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