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yellow tang care

Yellow Tang Care and Info

Yellow Tang fish are easily recognized by their vibrant yellow color and unique oval shape with a long snout for grazing on algae. When their fins…
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molly fish

Molly Fish Information

Meeting the Mollies: Molly Fish Intro and Info Mollies are simple, unassuming fish that do not require much. They are found in many aquariums and…
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Betta Fish Facts

10 Betta Fish Facts

The Siamese Fighting fish, better known as the Betta fish, is among the most popular pet fish. In fact, this species comes in at #2…
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shubunkin goldfish care

Shubunkin Goldfish Care and Info

Meet The Shubunkin Goldfish Unique colorations and social behavior make Shubunkin Goldfish a popular choice for freshwater aquariums.  This fancy goldfish breed belongs to the…
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Goldfish Tankmates

Tankmates For Goldfish

One of the biggest pitfalls of keeping goldfish is choosing the right tankmates. Even though they are sold along with tropical fish, goldfish care requirements…
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pearlscale goldfish

Pearlscale Goldfish Care

One of the reasons goldfish became so popular among aquarium hobbyists is because of how whimsical and cute they look. The Pearlscale goldfish takes that…
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